Momo Kadous
Multi - choreography intensivproject

advanced training seminar for classically oriental dance in Hannover


Because of the great success and the big wish of his pupils,Momo Kadous again offers the popular choreography project in 2009. Also this time he shines with his basic explenations about his exceptionaltechnic of his specific dance style,which has now become a worldwide trademark. As a master of stage performance and creator of professional choreography of topclass, Momo Kadous has made the start of the career for many dancers possible. During thisproject,which will be on 8 week-ends,Momo will teach demandingly choreographies from the classical oriental dance,Baladi,song interpretation and folklore and will always explain and train the special dancing conditions. These enclose not only dance technic and body posture,but rhythm and music feeling in proportion to the dance. .  

Specially 4 hours of construction,basic intensely and special technologies

For beginners with good knowledge till intermediate. Priorities are basic techniques in the classical oriental dance. Momo Kadous provides extensive knowledge of Baladi,song interpretation, choreography,dance techniques,posture as well as rhythm in proportion to the dance interpretation. Further more the classical dance discipline and posture play a big role in the training to a perfect dancer. The time period is flexible for private practice between the dates. .

  • Seminar schedule:
    at 8 week-ends
    Training Sat/Sun.11.00-13.00
    Project Sat/Sun.13.30-17.30

  • Time Schedule:
    24. & 25. Jan....-2009
    21. & 22. Feb.....2009
    28. & 29. Mar....2009
    25. & 26. Apr.....2009
    23. & 24. May...2009
    13. & 14. Jun.....2009
    22. & 23. Aug....2009
    12. & 13. Sep....2009        End of the seminar with stage and dance-


  • Seminar Fees:
    Projectseminar Sa + Su       135,- EUR 
    Basic training Sa + Su            70,- EUR 
    Completely                             170,- EUR

 Ballettschule Upstairs

 from 24. Jan. 
 to 13. Sep. 2009